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Your monthly membership investment goes directly into our All POWER Access Radio Career Develop & Tuitian Assisstance Trust to provide opportunities for selected area high school students to go after their college degrees and while gaining real world career achieving training that will help them in advaning into their desired career field.

Our apprentices are becoming pillars in our industries with ingrained dedication to be leaders in developing other future professionals.

Your Membership is the financial support to the apprentices and interns assigned to our experienced broadcast operation teams working alongside highly skilled and experienced leaderss which may include their inclusion into joining our teams and/or reporters on remote broadcast locations to gain real world broadcast operation experiences. to enjoy sharing in on our perks.

The Perks we offer is our management, Staff, and our students way of thanking you our VIP Membership for your committment.

Please scroll down to look at our Membership Levels. Please consider joining our support.

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Membership For Grads

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